About Us

Teach Me To Teach is a joint project between teacher trainer’s Brian Parker and Hilton Ayrey (SharpReading) who want to give the world better access to teaching techniques through online training. They believe in a no frills “get on with it” approach which is embedded in kiwi culture and so if you want to learn how to teach reading or spelling then just watch, download and teach. Simply the learning is in the practice and so the quicker you can see ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’ something the sooner you will actually want to give it a go.

Since starting this collaborative approach they have joined with Joy Allcock (New Zealand Spelling Expert) and they will continue to search for more like minded experts in the coming years.

Brian Parker

Brian Parker– DipT Secondary DipT Primary, Dip FA, Cambridge CTEFLA
SharpReading Programme Trainer – Consultant
Brian has done all his post graduate studies in education graduating as a high school art and art history teacher back in 1990. Not long after he retrained in English as a second language tutor to pursue his interest in literacy and international cultures. Ten years later, with ten years of teaching behind him, he ended his work at the Ohtani Women’s University and Clark International High School in Japan to resettle back in New Zealand where he once again went back to school, retraining as a primary school teacher. After 7 years of teaching and leading syndicates he was asked to join the team at the prestigious private teacher training college New Zealand Graduate School of Education as a primary and secondary school tutor. It was there that he formed a strong connection with Hilton Ayrey, a fellow tutor, and together they developed the online training programme SharpReading ONLiNE – http://www.sharpreading.com

Hilton Ayrey

Hilton Ayrey– BSocSci, Dip T Primary
SharpReading Programme Trainer – Junior and Senior School Specialist.
Hilton taught in primary schools for 18 years before taking up a position as tutor with the New Zealand Graduate School of Education, a high profile private teacher training organisation in Christchurch, New Zealand. Over the last fifteen years he has developed his innovative literacy programmes for preservice and inservice teacher training. These have been extensively trialled by teaching interns as part of their training programme at NZGSE and have been part of whole school literacy development in a growing number of schools in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and China. He has also written a large number of literacy resources to support the SharpReading reading programme including collections of stories, non fiction text, and assessment procedures.

Joy Allcock

Joy AllcockJoy is an author, publisher and literacy consultant. She runs professional development workshops for teachers throughout New Zealand and internationally. She originally trained and worked as an Occupational Therapist, then in 2000 she completed a Master of Education degree with first class honours at Massey University. She has been working in the literacy field since 1995 and has co-ordinated a number of literacy projects in both primary and secondary schools. Joy has written and published a complete range of spelling resources and is the developer of the Word Detective range of resources – http://www.spelling.co.nz


Collaboration is, and probably has always been the way forward. Whether it be 10 minutes of collaborative exchange or 10 years of collaborative partnership ALL collaboration has value. This page is to acknowledge all the students, parents, teachers and educationalists who make TMTT possible.