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  • High interest reading material
  • All on one page (easy to print) with
  • Follow-up activities (to deepen understanding)

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FREE STORYBYTE sample – click here
Four paragraphs of a short story. Perfect for a reading session with one student or a small group.  Each story is written at 3 levels. Levels 1, 5 and 8. If you purchase all 3 levels then you can teach students with different abilities with the same story.  They feel a sense of belonging.

FREE STORY sample – click here
A complete story, usually 5 paragraphs,  with fun endings because of plots with a twist. Stories with a reading age of 6 right through to very high level stories for teenagers that are very challenging. The story sample is about a mouse in trouble!

Read and learn the facts on a wide range of animals – mammals. The sample is about Armadillos