SharpPhonics is a training program that initially shows you how to teach reading, writing and hearing the letters of the alphabet plus th, ch and sh. The course then moves on to CVC words. This program shows you how to get students started with hearing, reading and writing sounds of letters and making important connections to how those sounds become words. The aim of Stage 2 is to make connections with the first letter of a word like apple, candle, jet or lion.

Then we take this further in Stage 4 with a routine that teaches the students how to listen, say, read and write simple consonant – vowel – consonant (CVC) words like cat, dog, hen or bug. We do this using two very important word level skills – segmenting (separating words into sounds ie. dog becomes d – o – g) and blending (putting sounds together to make a word ie. d – o – g = dog)

SharpPhonics is a collaboration between SharpReading and Yolanda Soryl Literacy.