Training Videos for Guided Reading

When you purchase a training video, you get:

  1. Video tutorials show you how to do guided reading
  2. Resources – you get a comprehensive PDF download with stories, teaching notes, charts, cards and level tests with every video purchase

Just Choose the group size and the level ( eg. a complete beginner reader or a reader improving their comprehension) and get started.

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  • $12.95

    5a: Analysing a Story with a Class

    Teaching students to use a story web to get a quick understanding of the structure of a story and make fictional text memorable is an efficient way to be able to summarize, compare stories and begin to make quality judgements. This is the beginning of a focus on critical thinking and a clear departure from learning to read. This is reading to learn.
  • $12.95

    5a: Analysing a Story with Groups

    Here a group of students use a story structure – a story web - to make stories (fictional text) memorable.  Students are made aware of the fact that we can use a story web to read, learn and remember information about the complex plots and developments within a story.