2: Mastering The Code with one student


Stage 2: One to One: Beginning Reading:  Video and teaching notes
Your student can read books that only have one sentence on each page and are now ready for picture books with 3 or more sentences per page. Here the '5 Bits' reading routine alters slightly and helps you meet the increase in learning expectation whilst maintaining good student success.

Aim: For you to keep a challenging pace and student focus as you learn and use ‘The 5 Bits’ routine with more difficult text. The student continues to develop their knowledge of letters and basic words, sound patterns and simple comprehension.

Level: Students can read simple repeated sentence patterns, know basic sight words like ‘a, and, the, this…’ and know most of the alphabet sounds (not to be confused with the names of the letters) and are beginning to use word shapes and meaning to help unlock unknown words. Can read 20 to 30 common words and attempts to sound out words by themselves.

(See Whole Class teaching of Reading Detective and the Searchlights if you want to teach support strategies for this routine.)