2: Mastering The Code with Groups



What happens when single sentence picture books morph into 3 or 4 sentences per page? Here we show you how ‘The 5 Bits Routine’ will allow you to take control of a reading group and develop important reading habits in preparation for reading comprehension – Stage 3.

Video 1 is a group that is much more advanced and almost ready for stage 3

Resources: 1 videos, Teaching notes, Stage 2 The 5 Bits Teacher script, Routine Chart

Aim: For you to confidently use the 5 Bits Routine and allow a group of students solid practice of using pictures for clues, reading and understanding as they read, predicting what may come next as well as reinforce important sound patterns.

Level:  Students can read simple repeated sentence patterns, know ‘simple’ words like ‘a, and, the, this…’ and know most of the alphabet sounds (not to be confused with the names of the letters) and are beginning to use word shapes and meaning to help unlock unknown words.  Can read up to 50 common words and attempts to sound out words by themselves.

(See – Whole Class teaching of Reading Detective and the Searchlights if you want to teach support strategies for this routine).