3: Understanding Sentence Comprehension with one student



Stage 3: One to One: Beginning Reading:  Videos and teaching notes
Video 1:
Students who read fast but can’t recall what they have read, let alone answer questions, need a different way to think and approach reading. Here we show you ‘The 3 Steps’ routine which focuses heavily on understanding what you read as you read. This Stage 3 video, introduces the first ‘phrasal trigger’ – a sentence starter that forces the use of a comprehension strategy and is a vital start to accurate comprehension.

Video 2: Teaching at home. A comprehension lesson without the voiceovers.

Resources: 2 Videos, Teaching notes, Stage 3 ‘The 3 Steps Teacher Script, the student cover card, sample stories, levelling assessment

Aim: For you to learn and understand how to teach with more focus on comprehension using ‘The 3 Steps’ routine. Here the student is challenged to consider and comprehend each sentence carefully as they read. The habit? To process every sentence to understand not just read fast.

Level: A student who is confident to read most words independently. Has a reading age of about 7 or 7.5. Can read quickly but often doesn’t know or can’t recall what they have read.