3a: Mastering Sentence Comprehension with Groups



Video  1 explains how we develop comprehension with the introduction of quality criteria to the 3 Step reading routine.

Video 2 & 3 show good examples of groups wrestling with text to generate accuracy with their comprehension in preparation for Stage 4 when they will be asked to deepen their thinking strategies.

Resources: 3 videos, Teaching notes, ‘The 3 Step’ Teaching Script and student cover cards, Story samples, Levelling Assessment

Aim: For you to explain and model the criteria that will be used to acknowledge the level of comprehension quality. To support the students to achieve fluency at this level by giving them clear models, a good range of text to practise with and accurate feedback about their progress.

Level:  Students can decode most words or have confidence with sounding out or finding words within words even though they may not understand the meaning. We think a 7 to 7.5 reading age is the minimum reading age to begin using this routine.  We suggest students should have working knowledge of “The 3 Steps” before they are taught about these criteria.

(Refer to the teaching notes for guidance on setting a reading level).