4a: Mastering Comprehension Magic with a Class



Video 1  Here we introduce 2 strategies ‘asking questions’ and ‘forming hypotheses’ to deepen understanding and ignite student curiosity and reasoning.  This is the only time we introduce two of the Deep 5 strategies at the same time.  The last strategy we add is making connections before we ask the students to choose the appropriate strategy for each sentence.

Resources: 1 video, Teaching notes, The Deep 5 Script and teaching chart, Story samples.

Aim: To teach the students to remember and process text more deeply by asking questions and thinking of possible answers and so increase their processing and potentially successful reading of text. The 5 strategies are visualisation, prior knowledge, asking questions, forming hypothesis and making connections within a text.

Level: Students can decode with ease and have shown fluency with the use of Stage 3 or have confidence retelling text at their reading level.