5a: Analysing a Story with a Class

Teaching students to use a story web to get a quick understanding of the structure of a story and make fictional text memorable is an efficient way to be able to summarize, compare stories and begin to make quality judgements. This is the beginning of a focus on critical thinking and a clear departure from learning to read. This is reading to learn.

Video 1 & 2 show you how to introduce this structure to the whole class in a junior and senior primary class.

Video 3 Hilton talks a little about the reasons and thinking behind the junior lesson

Resources: 3 videos, Teaching notes, Teaching Script and Story Web Chart

Aim: For you to model and facilitate accurate application of a story web to a story and allow students to use it on a wide range of texts.

Level: Some students in the class should be ready to use this in their reading (unless you are exposing this to students as a part of your writing programme). This means some students are fluent decoders with a good grasp of Stage 4 comprehension.